don’t eat too much rice

Interesting article about rice…

The human body was never meant to consume rice! You see, our genes have hardly changed in more than 30,000 years. However, our food choices and lifestyle have changed dramatically. The caveman would hardly recognize our food or way of life.

Caveman food was never cooked as fire was not yet tamed. Thus, he ate only those foods that you can eat without treatment with or by fire. He ate fruits, vegetables, fish (sushi anyone?), eggs, nuts and meat.

Yes, even meat. You can even eat meat raw if you were starving in the forest. You have the necessary enzymes to digest meat.

However, rice, like wheat and corn, cannot be eaten raw. It must be cooked. Even if you were starving in the desert, you cannot eat rice in the raw form. This is because we do not have the system of enzymes to break rice down.

You were never meant to eat rice. To make matters worse, you not only eat rice, but also make it the bulk of your food.

In some parts of Asia, rice forms up to 85% of the plate. Even if you take rice, keep it to a minimum. Remember, it is only for your tongue – not your body.

Actually, rice and other grains like wheat and corn are actually worse than sugar. There are many reasons:
Rice becomes sugar – lots of it

This is a fact that no nutritionist can deny: rice is chemically no different! from sugar. One bowl of cooked rice is the caloric equal of 10 teaspoons of sugar.. This does not matter whether it is white, brown or herbal rice.

Brown rice is richer in fibre, some B vitamins and minerals but it is still the caloric equal of 10 teaspoons of sugar. To get the same 10 teaspoons of sugar, you need to consume lots of kangkong – 10 bowls of it.

Rice is digested to become sugar.
Ricecannot be digested before it is thoroughly cooked. However, when thoroughly cooked, it becomes sugar and spikes circulating blood sugar within half an hour – almost as quickly as it would if you took a sugar candy. Rice is very low in the “rainbow of anti-oxidants”

This complete anti-oxidant rainbow is necessary for the effective and safe utilisation of sugar. Fruits come with a sugar called fructose. However, they are not empty calories as the fruit is packed with a whole host of other nutrients that help its proper assimilation and digestion.

Rice has no fibre. The fibre of the kangkong fills you up long before your blood sugar spikes. This is because the fibre bulks and fills up your stomach. Since white rice has no fibre, you end up eating lots of “calorie dense” food before you get filled up.

Brown rice has more fibre but still the same amount of sugar.

Rice is tasteless – Sugar is sweet. There is only so much that you can eat at one sitting. How many teaspoons of sugar can you eat before you feel like throwing up? Could you imagine eating 10 tea! spoons of sugar in one seating?
Rice is always the main part of the meal – While sugar may fill your dessert or sweeten your coffee, it will never be the main part of any meal. You could eat maybe two to three teaspoons of sugar at one meal. However, you could easily eat the equal value of two to three bowls (20 – 30 teaspoons) of sugar in one meal.

I am always amused when I see someone eat sometimes five bowls of rice (equals 50 teaspoons of sugar) and then asks for tea tarik kurang manis!

There is no real “built in” mechanism for us to prevent overeating of rice

How much kangkong can you eat? How much fried ch! icken can you eat? How much steamed fish can you eat? Think about that! In one seating, you cannot take lots of chicken, fish or cucumber, but you can take lots of rice. Eating rice causes you to eat more salt.

As rice is tasteless, you tend to consume more salt – another villain when it comes to high blood pressure.

You tend to take more curry that has salt to help flavor rice. We also tend to consume more ketchup and soy sauce which are also rich in salt.

Eating rice causes you to drink less water. The more rice you eat, the less water you will drink as there is no mechanism to prevent the overeating of rice. Rice, wheat and corn come hidden in our daily food.

As rice is tasteless, it tends to end up in other foods that substitute rice like rice flour, noodles and bread. We tend to eat the hidden forms which still get digested into sugar. Rice, even when cooked, is difficult to digest Can’t eat raw rice?

Try eating rice half cooked. Contrary to popular belief, rice is very difficult to digest. It is “heavy stuff”. If you have problems with digestion, try skipping rice for a few days. You will be amazed at how the problem ! will just go away.

Rice prevents the absorption of several vitamins and minerals. Rice when taken in bulk will reduce the absorption of vital nutrients like zinc, iron and the B vitamins.

Are you a rice addict? Going rice-less may not be ea! sy but you can go rice-less. Eating less rice could be lot easier than you think. Here are some strategies that you can pursue in your quest to eat less rice:

Eat less rice – Cut your rice by half. Barry Sears, author of the Zone Diet, advises “eating rice like spice”.
Instead, increase your fruits and vegetables.

Take more lean meats and fish.

You can even take more eggs and nuts.
Have “riceless” meals. Take no rice or wheat at say, breakfast. Go for eggs instead.

Go on “riceless” days – Go “western” once a week.

Take no rice and breads for one day every week. That can’t be too difficult. Appreciate the richness of your food. Go for taste, colors and smells. Make eating a culinary delight. Enjoy your food in the original flavors.

Avoid the salt shaker or ketchup. You will automatically eat less rice.

Eat your fruit dessert before (Yes! No printing error) your meals.

The fibre rich fruits will “bulk up” in your stomach. Thus, you will eat less rice and more fruits.

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9 thoughts on “don’t eat too much rice

  1. Shopping Newbie Blog January 22, 2009 at 9:31 am

    […] don’t eat too much rice « NashRiza’s […]

  2. Peter John December 17, 2009 at 6:03 pm

    Dont spread false information via your website. All food we consume is transformed into sugar by our digestive system.

    Rice has the following nutritional benefits:
    •Excellent source of carbohydrates: Rice is a great source of complex carbohydrates, which is an important source of the fuel our bodies need.
    •Good energy source: Carbohydrates are broken down to glucose, most of which is used as energy for exercise and as essential fuel for the brain.
    •Low fat, Low salt, No cholesterol: Rice is healthful for what it does not contain. Rice has no fat, no cholesterol and is sodium free. Rice is an excellent food to include in a balanced diet.
    •A good source of vitamins and minerals such as thiamine, niacin, iron, riboflavin, vitamin D, calcium, and fiber.
    •Low sugar
    •No gluten: Rice is gluten free. All rice is gluten free, making rice the essential choice for people with gluten free dietary requirements.
    •No additives and preservatives: Rice contains no additives or preservatives, making it an excellent inclusion in a healthy and balanced diet.
    •Contains resistant starch: Rice also contains resistant starch, which is the starch that reaches the bowel undigested. This encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria, keeping the bowel healthy.
    •Cancer prevention and diet: Whole grains (such as brown rice) contain high amounts of insoluble fiber-the type of fiber some scientists believe may help protect against a variety of cancers.
    •Rice is a low-sodium food for those with hypertension.
    •It is a fair source of protein containing all eight amino acids.

  3. yong January 9, 2010 at 1:07 am

    It is true that rice is no good; more and more oriental parents now are limiting their children’s rice intake. People misundertood how orientals ate so much rice but most of us still look so lean and healthy; first, we consumed so much of it throughout history was because rice field farmers were poor and rice consumption saved money and it easily filled up the stomach. And we still not fat is because we labor the sugar/fat off.

  4. RR March 19, 2010 at 9:51 am

    Nash you just made everbody who reads your article stupid!! You have no idea and obviously have not put enough research to your argument. Rice does contain sugar but I do suggest you research what types of sugar are good and bad for you before you make any remarks on what you “think” is right. Natural sugars like glucose and frutose are good for you and support the immune system, where as processed sugar which creates sucrose is the damaging sugar that relates to desease and autoimmune problems. To say that rice has the damaging effects of 20 spoons of sugar is completely misleading and false. Rice has been around for thousands of years and contains natural sugar and can be easily digested by the human body, and I also suggest you research into the “raw meat” comments you have made, for thousands of years humans were hunting and eating the organs of animals, while the so called meat or muscle fibres that we consumed today were generally considered to be waste or not as important for consumption and were given to dogs or other carnivores. Needless to say, raw meat contains parasites and are to be cooked to minimise to consumption of intestinal worms and parasites, don’t get me started on the fire comments you made!! Rice can be consumed raw in it’s natural water state, rice is a seed and contains many minerals such as magnesium, ammino acids, protein and good sugars.
    In conclusion, I suggest you do some proper research in your arguments before you make any comments about anything, did you know that rice is seen in Chinese, Indian and Mapuche medicines to be anti-inflammatories for the digestive tract? Rice water is given to babies to reduce reflux and also for adult heart burn. Get your information right and please enjoy the processed sucrose sugar you are most likely consuming reading this comment that is killing you everyday.

  5. ken April 2, 2010 at 2:08 pm

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and I like your title “Don’t eat too much rice” for a different reason.

    I agree that rice is not a very nutritious food, but it still has its value (better than refined sugar). It is just a staple to fill people tummies. It is the bare necessity of Asia. I normally eat some rice everyday as a tradition and culture of being a Chinese, even though I am aware of its marginal nutritional value.

    It is supposed to be cheap. But look at today rice price. It is just ridiculous.
    In Canada where I live, its price is already higher (per weight) than potatoes, oranges, apples, cabbages, and a number fruits and vegetable. Whenever it is on sale, many Asian people will tend to stock them up. They consider rice their ‘bread and butter’, their essential. They are stuck with rice. They don’t re-evaluate the price vs nutrition of the commodity. They don’t understand than they are part of the force driving up the price of rice… world wide. I feel pity for them.

    So, I agree “DON’T EAT TOO MUCH RICE”.

  6. SRIDHARAN July 11, 2010 at 1:04 pm



  7. Radhiya August 14, 2010 at 12:05 pm

    I agree with this article, because about a week or so ago, i had gone to see my nurse, and she had advised me that being asian, our main diet is rice and curry, and that a plate of rice is equivalant to 18 spoons of sugar.
    When you think about it, who on earth can sit there and eat 18 spoons of sugar on it’s own without water. I don’t think that even anybody with a really sweet tooth will be able to manage that, no matter how much they protest and claim that they can!
    Also, in terms of weight gain, you know what they say:
    “A minute on the lips, and a lifetime on the hips!”

  8. M-Ma October 6, 2011 at 7:44 pm

    nash. thanks for posting this. i’ve lost 60 kilos by stop eating rice, koay teaw, and stuff like that. i eat vegetables, protein and fat everyday. the medical check up went great. the result came clean! everybody was sceptical at first..people said i should start eating rice. im eating food that is more healthier than rice now, like tonnes of vegetables from Arugula to Zuchinni, good quality proteins, and good type pure natural fats. when i told people i stopped eating rice, 9/10 bashed me, said not good things about me. im not sure whether eating too much rice caused them to be celupar. damn.. haha i was joking… but you’ll get clear picture when u see most of your comments… oh yeah. my athletic performance is getting fact from barely buat ketuk ketampi i now can run 10 miles , lift 15 kilos of barbell

  9. swuzzy October 6, 2011 at 7:48 pm

    i went to the doctors, doctors told me to eat more rice, less fat..i gained 20kilos.. i had no control of my appetite. then i went to a ‘endocrinologist’ he told me that i should eat more fat, more protein , less carbs. oh.. and i’ve lost 25 kilos. wow. what experts say is true. that dont listen to your medical doctor if it comes to diet. ask specialists.

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