Semasa ke Gotemba Premier Outlet pada hari Khamis lepas, setelah penat berjalan selama dua hari, terjumpa kedai jual barangan Crocs dan kami pun cubalah tengok kalau2 ada yang sesuai. Sebelum ini ada banyak kali juga mencari saiz dan warna yang sesuai terutama untuk anak2. Zakwan dan Zarul mesti nak “design” yang sama dan banyak kali juga saiz tidak ada dan sebagainya. Kali ini kebetulan ada saiz yang sesuai dan “design” yang sama. Zakwan dan Zarul dengan Crocs Cars, Alya dengan Crocs Disney dan papa hanya dengan Crocs Cayman sahaja. Selesa memakainya dan sesuai dengan musim panas ini. Mungkin boleh pakai sehingga bulan October sahaja.

Apa yang menariknya adalah keselesaan memakainya kerana bahan yang digunakan. Ini ada info dari WIKI:

Crocs Inc. (NASDAQ: CROX) is a shoe manufacturer founded by entrepreneur George B. Boedecker., Jr to produce and distribute a plastic clog originally acquired from a Canadian company. Originally developed as a spa shoe, the first model, the Crocs Beach, was unveiled in November 2002 at the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show, selling out the 200 pairs produced at that time.

The product line has remained popular, and has the characteristics of a sustained fad, with both ardent support and disapproval.

Crocs has been the title sponsor of the Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP) Tour since 2006.

Company history
In June 2002, Boedecker used a company he had previously formed called Western Brands to start a shoe company that eventually became known as Crocs, Inc. Boedecker had been approached earlier that same year to produce and distribute a shoe originally developed by Fin Project NA (now Foam Creations Inc.), a company based out of Quebec City, Canada. In September of 2002, Western Brands obtained the rights to the name Crocs.com. In October of 2002, Anthony H. Kruse and Sandstone Ventures, LLC invested additional money and joined Boedecker as owners of Crocs. On that same date, Boedecker hired Blake Anderson, Scott Seamans, Ronald Oliver, George Foti, and Lyndon Victor Hanson III who entered into employment agreements where they could earn a non-voting, profit sharing interest if they continued their employment. After unparalleled success, George B. Boedecker, Jr. amicably resigned as chief executive officer and from the Crocs Board of Directors to pursue philanthropic activities and other business interests including the distributorship of Crocs in Mexico, Cuba, the Dominican Republic and airport kiosks worldwide.

Manufacture and patents
In June 2004, Crocs purchased Foam Creations and their manufacturing operations to secure exclusive rights to the proprietary foam resin “croslite”, which is made using ethylene vinyl acetate. The foam forms itself to a wearer’s feet and offers purported medical benefits, according to a number of podiatrists.

Crocs holds four patents covering various utility aspects of its footwear, U.S. Patent No. 6993858 B2 issued February 7, 2006, and U.S. Patent Nos. D517788,, D517789 and D517790 issued on March 28, 2006. The Company also announced that it has filed complaints with the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) and the U.S. Federal District Court against 11 companies that manufacture, import or distribute products called Crock-offs that Crocs believes infringe its patents.

Health and safety
Footwear such as Crocs and flip-flops came under scrutiny in 2006 when children suffered injuries after the shoes became caught in escalator mechanisms. This was due to the softness of the shoe’s material combined with the relatively smaller size of children’s feet.

Rapid City Regional Hospital in Rapid City, South Dakota changed its dress code in 2007 to prohibit the sandal variants, along with those with Jibbitz holes, citing safety concerns, but still allowed closed-top “Professional” and the healthcare focused “Rx” Crocs to be worn. Blekinge hospital in Sweden has banned the wearing of “Foppatoffels” (Swedish nickname derived from the owner of the company that imports the shoes, Peter “Foppa” Forsberg) by hospital staff, due to the concern that the shoes may build up static electricity and thus interfere with electronic equipment. Vienna’s city hospitals said they were banning popular Crocs plastic clogs, often worn by nursing staff, as they may pose safety risks for patients.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has approved a model of Crocs with molded insoles as diabetic footwear, which help wearers avoid foot injuries.

p/s: sesuai pakai sepanjang minggu ini kerana hujan hampir setiap hari sehingga Sabtu ini mengikut ramalan cuaca

水母「くらげ」 (kurage) – jelly-fish
竜の落とし子「たつのおとしご」 (tatsu no otoshigo) – sea-horse
雲丹「うに」 (uni) – sea-urchin
鰯「いわし」 (iwashi) – sardine
帆立「ほたて」 (hotate) – scallop


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2 thoughts on “buaya…

  1. lina August 28, 2008 at 2:12 pm

    mahal wooo kasut buaya tu kat sini.

    kat sini pun reganya taklah murah sgt..cuma kurang sikit dari msia dan dlm yen…hehe

  2. hairieusoff August 28, 2008 at 8:55 pm

    hemph…tak letak aksesori ke kat lubang2 crocs tu?…tapi kat jepun ni, ari tu kecoh kan pasal kasut ni senang tersangkut kat escalator kan?

    kena lebih berhati2 bila guna escalator…

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