enjin carian “scour”

Baru2 ini ada dapat e-mail dari kawan mengenai enjin carian baru yang bernama “SCOUR”. Ada banyak kelebihannya seperti:

  • memberi “ranking” carian jika menggunakan enjin carian seperti GOOGLE, YAHOO dll
  • pengguna boleh memberi komen mengenai carian yang dicari dan memberi “rating” supaya hasil carian yang benar2 terpilih akan disenaraikan
  • dengan memberi “rating”, membuat komen dan carian menggunakan enjin carian ini, pengguna akan diberi point dan boleh ditebus sebagai wang kemudian

Ini ada FAQ mengenai enjin carian ini:

What’s the point of voting?
Voting is a huge deal, it’s the most important facet about Scour.com. We pull results from the top 3 search engines, but thrive on feedback to make the results relevant. After enough votes on results, the search result can rise or fall in ranking which will make listings across all the engines more relevant on Scour. Your feedback will help millions across the net the next time the same keyword is searched for.

How do you decide what ranks highest?
We briefly cover this in the about page – But to simplify, we take the results from the 3 major search engines, (Google, Yahoo, MSN) Taking into account their current rankings. We then weight them against our own database to see what our users have said about where positions should be, and apply that weight to the results. Sometimes users have their own custom algorithm, and in that case you choose how to rank the results, not us.

How do I earn money?
Each registered user earns points for each search, vote and comment they do for each keyword searched. When you’ve earned enough points you can redeem them for Visa gift cards sent directly to you… cool right?

How do I earn points?
You can earn points from your own actions as well and from inviting friends.

You earn the following number of points for each action:
* 1 = Search
* 2 = Vote
* 3 = Comment
For every friend that you invite, you will earn 25% of the points they make! Now that’s a good friend!

How many points can I earn per search?
You can earn up to 4 points per search through any combination of actions. Repeat searches in the same day will not count.

If I cap my points in one search, can I still vote and comment?
Sure, there is no limit as to how many votes and comments you can do per search.

Is this a scam?
Scour is completely legit. We feel that by showing you the ranks from the top 3 engines for each search result in conjunction with user feedback is an excellent solution for searchers everywhere. We are so confident that everyone will feel the same, we are offering rewards to users who use Scour and for referring their friends as well. We make money from the sponsored results just like Google, Yahoo and all the other guys do. We just think it’s a good idea to share the success with those who help make it possible.

Can’t people abuse the system?
You can try, but Scour has several checking systems and algorithms in place to spot and block those who wish to abuse our feedback or points system. BUT since nobody is perfect, if you notice of a way around our system that you think we have not addressed, please let us know, it will be your good deed for the day!

Do I need an account?
Why not? It’s free! If you want to reap all the great benefits of using Scour like voting, comments and getting rewarded for everything you do. An account will manage all of this for you and also allow you to connect with other users. If you just want to search occasionally, that’s cool too, you don’t need an account for that.

How can I get more than 1 page of results?
You can go into your settings page, and on the weighting tab, set the results sliders to max.

Isn’t this entire system vulnerable to search result manipulation?
The way Scour was built, it’s impervious to manipulation. Because of the social aspect, if people aren’t finding the results they want, those negative results will have a negative score, and will disappear after time. We also have several systems in place to monitor for bots and exploits which might try and influence any rank. Additionally, as a user becomes a trusted searcher, his click weight will grow.

Can you add support for search engine x, or add a bookmark feature for site x?
Coming soon – widgets and plug-ins will be available to be developed. You will be able to do anything and everything to determine your results.

How do I replace the URL Bar in firefox to search with Scour instead of google?
1. Type about:config in Firefox location bar and press Enter
2. Type keyword in Filter textbox and you will see only the preference keyword.URL.
3. Double-click on keyword.URL and change the value to: http://scour.com/search/web/

Is this the same Scour.com that was previously the Scour P2P file sharing network?
Nope, this is a completely different site, just the same name.

Sila ke sini untuk membuka “account” dan memulakan carian.

p/s: adakah ini boleh memecahkan monopoli enjin carian seperti GOOGLE dan YAHOO? Ada enjin carian baru yang dibangunkan oleh “programmer” GOOGLE yang berhenti seperti CUIL.



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