happy father’s day

Happy father’s day to my daddy, Haji Othaman Bin Senawi , my in-law, Haji Zainal Bin Abd. Rahman and to my hubby, Nasharuddin Bin Zainal. May god bless all of you for being lovely fathers.

from Zakwan

also from Zakwan

chocolate and vanilla cake

こくばんけし (kokuban keshi) – duster
えんぴつ (enpitsu) – pencil
ちず (chizu) – map
せんせい (sensei) – teacher
せいと (seito) – pupil


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One thought on “happy father’s day

  1. kenshin August 8, 2008 at 2:08 am

    Nash u pun da tak pakai leoxa ker..

    dah lama pindah ke wordpress sbb leoxa byk sgt iklan, space sikit dan slow la…sejak 13 july ….hehehe..now server leoxa dah down kan…???

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