fp: musim bunga5: muscari

Sekali pandang, ingatkan lavender, rupanya muscari. Bila ada angin, berbau wangi dan warna ungunya menjadi aromaterapi yg sgt berkesan.

Grape hyacinths are a group of plants in the genus Muscari of plants native to Eurasia that produce spikes of blue flowers resembling bunches of grapes. There are about forty species.

Some species are among the earliest to bloom in the spring, and are planted both in flower beds as well as in lawns. They are planted as bulbs and tend to multiply quickly when planted in good soils.

Muscari comosum bulbs are pickled and eaten in Greece under the name βολβοί ([vol’vi] lit. ‘bulbs’) and in the Puglia region of Italy, under the names “lampascioni”, “lampasciuni”, “lamponi”.


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