fp: the 40th tokyo motor show @ makuhari messe

Hari ni pergi tgk Tokyo Motor Show @ Makuhari Messe dgn Asrul & Anas. Sejak pagi hujan turun dan terpaksa ubah plan asal nak bawa sekali anak2. Kalau ikut weather forecast mmg hujan akan turun sehingga malam. So terpaksala tinggalkan anak2 bersama mamanya. Bertolak dari Ishikawadai eki pkl 9 pagi sehinggan Gotanda dan terus ke Tokyo eki. Sampai di Kaihin Makuhari eki (JR Keiyo Line) lebih kurang pkl 10:50 pagi. Densya penuh dgn org dari Tokyo eki dan bila sampai Maihama (Tokyo Disneyland)..kurang la sikit org but bila sampai next eki penuh semula train sampai la ke Kaihin Makuhari eki. Dalam keadaan di luar hujan dan org penuh. Nasib baik tak bawak anak2 dan semestinya stroller. Lepas semua sampai, terus masuk ke kaijo (tempat pameran) dan jumpa pameran motor dulu. But tak singgah masuk ke ruang pameran kereta. Ada byk syarikat pengeluar kereta yg ada domestic (Toyota, Honda, Isuzu, Mazda, Nissan etc) dan international (Mercedes Benz, BMW, Ferarri, Audi etc). Yg paling best bila tgk2 kereta ni boleh ambik pamplet or brosure kereta2. Ni kali kedua tgk Tokyo Motor Show…(last pada 1997 masa final year undergraduate dulu2 dan masih simpan pamplet etc). Lunch pun ada tpt disediakan dan matsuri no funniki). Tujuan org dtg ke Motor Show ada 2…samada nak tgk kereta or companion yg ada….Sbb ada tpt yg org shoot gambar companion lebih ramai dari kereta…Then balik dlm pkl 5 lebih lepas tgk “apa yg dipamerkan”.

The Tokyo Motor Show (東京モーターショー) is a biennial auto show held in October-November at the Makuhari Messe, Chiba City, Japan for cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles. Hosted by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA), it is a recognized international show by the Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d’Automobiles, and normally sees more concept cars than actual production car introductions which is the reason why the auto press see the show as one of the motorshow’s big five (along with Detroit, Geneva, Frankfurt and Paris).

The show, then called All Japan Motor Show was first held in an outdoor venue called Hibiya Park, the show was considered a success with 547,000 visitors over ten days and 254 exhibitors displaying 267 vehicles, but of the amount of vehicles only 17 of them were passenger cars as the show was dominated by commercial vehicles. In 1958, due to construction of a subway and underground parking lot near Hibiya Park, the show was shifted to the Korakuen Bicycle Racing Track. The show, as the previous year was marred by heavy rain, in 1959 the event moved indoor to its newly opened Harumi Showplace venue which was three times the size of its previous venue.

Onward from 1973, as the organisers decided not to host a show for the following year due to the international energy crisis, the show became a biennial event after the organisers decided that the event should be held every two years. The show relocated to its current venue, the Makuhari Messe in 1989 and due to high public demand for vehicles in everyday use and the fact concept cars dominate the show, the show returned to being an annual event from 2001 to 2005 with a show for passenger cars and motorcycle and another for commercial vehicles for the following year. However from 2007 onwards the event will (once again) return to a biennial schedule which combines both passenger and commercial vehicles, including motorcycles and auto parts.

Alternative propulsion

Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Dominate the Tokyo Motor Show

Concepts for new hybrids, plug-in hybrids, electric vehicles from Japan’s leading automakers are now on display at the Tokyo Motor Show. As one example, Toyota Motor Corporation introduced its 1/X (pronounced “one-Xth”) concept vehicle, a Prius-like sedan that tips the scales at a third of the weight of the Prius and obtains double the Prius’ fuel economy. The vehicle cuts its weight by using carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic in its frame and boosts its fuel economy with a small plug-in hybrid powertrain that can be fueled with either gasoline or E85, a blend of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline. Toyota’s other plug-in hybrid concept, the Hi-CT, is a small, boxy, two-door vehicle aimed at young car buyers. In addition, Toyota’s luxury brand, Lexus, introduced its next-generation hybrid sport utility vehicle, the LF-Xh, an all-wheel-drive vehicle powered by a V6 engine teamed up with a high-output electric motor.

Among the other automakers, Honda Motor Company, Ltd., unveiled the CR-Z, a “next-generation lightweight sports car” that features Honda’s hybrid electric drivetrain, and the PUYO, another small, boxy vehicle, powered by a fuel cell.

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation introduced a Beetle-like electric vehicle with in-wheel electric motors, called the i MiEV Sport, which even has a solar panel on its roof.

And Nissan unveiled the Pivo 2, a small electric vehicle with a lithium-ion battery pack and in-wheel motors. [5]

But Japanese automakers weren’t the only ones unveiling clean car concepts in Tokyo. Audi arrived with its “Metroproject Quattro,” a plug-in hybrid with a direct-injection, turbocharged, 150-horsepower gasoline engine mounted up front and a 30-kilowatt motor on its rear axle. The concept vehicle employs a lithium-ion battery pack that allows it to run on electric power only.

Mana yang bos berkenan bos? bolehlah beli besar sikit letak Kak Zah mu and anak2 tu !! Tue 13-Nov-2007 07:07
Posted by:samjap sam_grunge@hotmail.com

hajat di hati nak beli skyline gtr or impreza wrx sti but disebabkan ‘pengikut’ yg ramai…kena beli mpv je la..mcm estima hybrid or yg muat > 5 org….btw tak pergi ke tgk motor show Tue 13-Nov-2007 13:20
Posted by:nash


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