fp: conference at kokuyo hall, shinagawa

Went to Kokuyo Hall at Shinagawa for 2 days the 63rd Imaging Society of Japan Conference. The place was very nice and the presenters were engineers at Ricoh, Konica Minolta, Fuji Xerox and other big companies. Malaysia also should have such conference or seminar for our universities’ students. Even though not all know how or details on their researchs were presented, but the basic knowledge were more than enough. This is one of the universities and industries collaboration on knowledge and expertise.

thanks singgah di fotopage kami hanief sihat dan research nya ok saja… dia berkirim salam kembali.. wah, skrg bolehlah kami follow cerita2 dr jepun Tue 7-Aug-2007 06:42
Posted by:Mynie

hehe…kami ok je kat sini….biasala dua2 busy dgn research & study dan anak2 ke kindergarten etc..alhamdulillah so far ok je
Tue 7-Aug-2007 09:43
Posted by:nash

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