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Went to Kidzania at Toyosu Lalaport. Alya and Zakwan could be whatever they can as adult do. Zakwan worked as ANA pilot, JTB travel planner, SONY cameraman and at post natal nursery (Johnson & Johnson hospital). Alya worked as ANA stewardess, JTB travel planner, ice cream seller and nurse at new born ward. How wonderful they could get first hand experience as working person and could get salary in Kidzo money. http://kidzania.jp for further details. I hope Malaysia would have one in near future for our young ones learning while playing (edutainment).

At the entrance, everybody got 50 kidzo and need to go to the bank to change them to cash money also in kidzo. Then they need to work as to get the salary. Normally 30-60 mins for 8 kidzo. And they used them as for hand phone rental etc. Before went to the exit gate, the balance was 32 kidzo for both Alya and Zakwan after use about 50 kidzo each to buy souvenir. Hehehe….and slept all the way back.

Kidzania is a new family entertainment center, a child-sized replica of a real city, with buildings, shops and theaters, as well as vehicles and pedestrians moving along its streets. In this city, children, aged 2 through 15, learn about the adult world, and the value of money and work, by experiencing up to 70 different professions.

Kidzania is the brainchild of Mexican entrepreneur Xavier López Ancona, chief executive of La Ciudad de los Niños. The first Kidzania opened in 1999 in Santa Fe Shopping Mall in Mexico City. The second opened in May in Monterrey, also in Mexico. The third Kidzania is located in Lalaport, Tokyo, Japan. More are scheduled to open in Dubai next year. Kidzania Jakarta scheduled to open in September 2007 located at Pacific Place, a new shopping mall in Jakarta.

Wei…coolnye tempat ni…klu ade kat mesia mmg best ni….boleh bukak franchise kat sini kot…tp kena dapatkan backing kaw2 giler… Fri 18-May-2007 03:21
Posted by:ejai

looks great..bet malaysian parents wld want their kids to enjoy as much as urs…
so..mmmm..m counting my banknotes here..whether or not i can come up with the capital to start the franchise here… Fri 18-May-2007 06:45
Posted by:celsgt4 shaibi@hotmail.com

Thanks for sharing. It’s good to know that Zakwan and Alya had a good time.
Best regards from the KidZania Head Office team.
Enrique. Wed 19-Mar-2008 20:56
Posted by:Enrique Mena enrique.mena@kidzania.com


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