fp: izu day trip

Today as forecast earlier, rainy day for the half of the day. Rented Mazda Premacy and Mazda MPV for 11 adults and 5 kids. Went for strawberry picking (at Izu Nagaoka) although it was end of the season. The price also down to 700 yen for 30 minutes (normal price was 1500 yen). Then went to Shimoda Onsen using Izu Skyline Bypass. Not a bad journey after all although the whole road was up and down. At Shimoda Onsen, had our lunch (sushi and donburi). The fish was very fresh because it was famous with kinmedai (maybe ikan merah in Malays). Then went for legs dip hot spring (but for Zakwan it was a swimming pool). Then on the way went back, we bought few himono (ikan kering etc) and souvenirs. Then went to Atami for dinner at Denny’s because we can’t find any teishoku or udon restaurant with parking. Last stop at Odawara, for our cars…hehehe. And reached Tokyo around 11 pm.

wahh syokknya.. Mon 7-May-2007 16:07
Posted by:napie – [Link]

Nice Shots! Tue 8-May-2007 01:23
Posted by:luffy – [Link]

tq…kali ni pergi tak buat perancangan awal pun…ad hoc je…takpe lain kali boleh ajak sekali… Tue 8-May-2007 02:00
Posted by:nash


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