fp: keep an alert for the latest fashion boom in rainy weather :)

Watch out for the latest fashion in this rainy weather. Here we present you Zakwan Anpanman and Alya Dokinchan….

hahaha…abg x reti lagi tunjuk peace..mai mak tih ajar kan..kalo kat sini mesti abg ngah sufri bleh tolong ajar kan..hehehe..jgn main ujan..nanti demam… Fri 15-Sep-2006 10:34
Posted by:azie9406 azelawati@gmail.com

zakwan n Alya.. mana le main payung dlm rumah… heheheheh…

nice to c ur kids Nash.. krm slm kt Fiza. Thu 2-Nov-2006 17:36
Posted by:aunty wawa ciksal@yahoo.com

comeinya payung dan model payung Thu 23-Nov-2006 13:59
Posted by:bungecengkih – [Link]

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