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Have you ever see a cicada or せみ(蝉 semi)? Yesterday Nurul caught it when she and the kids when to the playground nearby. But since a cicada lifespan is short, we released it. Unfortunately the cicada with a broken wing died at our balcony …The kids become adore of the existence of cicada since Alya learned a song for her “oyuugikai” at youchien (pre school); in the lyrics stated that “semi ga min min”, so she often asks us what is semi? Then when we visited Ueno-san the other day, they kept the cicada’s shell (抜け殻 nukegara)for the kids.

riang2 = cicadas ….right?? Wed 16-Aug-2006 01:07
Posted by:azie9406 azelawati@gmail.com

yup…riang2 = cicadas = semi. tapi yg kat sini tgh bandar dah bunyi mcm hutan kat malaysia… Tue 22-Aug-2006 02:13
Posted by:unnamed


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