fp: superman in shibuya

Today, after mama’s 20-minutes-weekly-meeting we went to shibuya. Today’s target were sushi and air-cond. Outed at Hachiko exit, we had been greeted by superman`s billboard written ” Go back while superman is here protecting you (from train crash)”…well, Zakwan and Alya did impressed. Since everybody hungry, we went to eat sushi first at all-plate-100-yen-sushi but papa got to eat the last plate with a baba telling us, “time is over, pls hurry”. We went to Sakuraya for the aircond to survey the price, went to Biccamera at the other side of the station (without noticing there is a branch near the Sakuraya) but went back to Sakuraya and bought the aircond at 50000 yen installation fee inclusive. And to our despair, mama forgot the mouse and the plug extension at First Kitchen (What a day!!!). Out from shibuya to Olympic at Nagahara, we bought shoes few toys for the kids and sherbet-making-pot; what is interesting about the maker is that it uses the theory of the depression of ice’s freezing point by adding salt….natsu wa atsukatta…


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