fp: ishikawadai bon odori

Who`s gonna believe that Bon Odori will be held in front of Peacock supermarket along the shopping street! Bon Odori is a festival in Japan where people dance in circle, circling a big stage, dance following the rhythm of big japanese traditional drum/s call taiko. Well, actually Bon Odori is a spiritual dance related to the buddhism belief of their ancestors to wish for a better harvesting etc. But as time goes on, the spirits of buddha weakened and Bon Odori becomes a-get-together dance only. That is a little bit about Bon Odori.

So, we went to the festival. This `we’including Hanis And Hayati-my previous students. But of course “dance” was not our main. There were also few mini-fair stalls selling yakisoba (fried noodle), kakigori (shaved ice with flavour) , games for children and not to mention, kingyo sukui (goldfish rescue/scoop)-you will see a lot of these in the pictures. For the games, alya managed to get a big plastic kabutomushi where we hang it on the wall. For the token for joining the festival we got a (round) fan and the children received syabondama (bubble set). The night continued until the house were full with bubbles


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