fp: muhammad zarul hafiz

Alhamdulillah…My 2nd son was delivered at Pusat Rawatan Mahsuri, Jitra on 7th Nov. 2005 7:00pm. (2.95 kg). Everybody was so excited when will the baby delivered and finally just after Hari Raya because for this year Hari Raya was at Seremban. Luckily nothing happened during Hari Raya.

wawawa..ika dh beso dh..
sume mate anak2 sensei besau2 ikut rizafizah sensei aa tuh
nway congratzz 4 ur new baby boy born… Thu 24-Nov-2005 09:40
Posted by:cz

comel2 anak sensei..cepatnzakwan dapat adik baru…xsempat tgk zakwan membesar ..
nway…tahniah yer sensei dapat zarul hafiz pulak…biler nak bw diorg mai sini? Thu 24-Nov-2005 13:34
Posted by:nida

eh2 ika da anak dare la Wed 25-Jan-2006 02:18
Posted by:shima – [Link]

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